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Your home is a reflection of you and as a homeowner, you put so much into your property and the lifestyle you've created. Your home is also an investment and as such it is important to do the most you can to add value and keep it looking great at the same time. Installing a lawn sprinkler system not only achieves that goal of adding value but also helps to beautify your property by giving you a healthy, green lawn you can be proud of. Along with the installation and maintenance of lawn sprinkler systems, Outdoor Innovations, LLC offers other services which can add to your outdoor enjoyment such as low voltage lighting and fog/mist systems.  On an environment conscious  or "green" note, a rain water harvesting system is a practical way to help you conserve water right at your own home. Visit each individual page for more information on these and other services Outdoor Innovations, LLC provides such as drainage systems for problem areas where water is concerned and horse farm waterers which are a wonderful convenience for farm owners.


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